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I'm the soul behind the camera. 

I’m an empath, hopeless romantic, & big dreamer. Yup, I was the girl that you could not get out of her dress up clothes & was ALWAYS down to watch a love story. (Pride & prejudice, the notebook, ya know the good stuff). My love for love started young and after years of trying to figure out what I was made to do— I decided to go back to what makes my heart happy- love stories.

I love Jesus, my two fur babies, & my sweet new husband (just married 2021- so I relate to all things bride both the fun and the stress). I prefer to be barefoot. I’m a 9 on the enneagram, which if you’re not familiar— means I’m super easy going and get along with pretty much anyone. Although I’m super laid back, I love details and having a plan and thrive in routine, productivity and organization. I love a good book, especially on the beach with a marg. That's my happy place! I consider myself an introverted/extrovert.  I love being home but after long I crave to be with people and in new places that inspire and fuel my soul. 

My name is Destiny!

Hi Friend!

Nature, film, & timeless pretty things.....

As a Michigan Native, I love West Michigan and all the seasons it has to offer which continually inspire me. I love nature and being outside. The golden sunset glows, dried green praire grasses, snow covered trees, even the foggy, rainy days inspire me.  

I have always had a creative mind and one that treasures being reflective and introspective. Wedding day moments inspire me. They are the summit of all we've hoped and anticipated for so long. The father giving his daughter away, the long, ethereal walk down the isle to the one your soul longs to be connected with forever, the sweet new first kiss as husband and wife. Those moments are something you won't get again. I want to help you deeply soak in them and live in those treasured memories forever.   

I want to help you live your day to the fullest. To feel free to be YOU. Whether you want to do the happy dance, shed the happy tear, and everything in between. I want it to be and feel like you because you and your story inspire me. 

what inspires me

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The Beauties of Life

1. I love thrifting & antique stores. My house and closet is mostly comprised of these collectables.

2. My happy place is at the beach.

3. I love fashion. I wish West Michigan wasn't so casual and ecentric fashion was normalized. 

4. Running is a form of therapy for me- give me those endorphins please.  But I also am a huge advocate for actual therapy.  

5. I am enthralled with poetry and flowers. 

6. Currently working on our first fixer upper home with my husband.

7. I love animals.  All of them. Just let me pet them please. 


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Fun Facts About Me

Throughout the last 10 years I've used my single life 20's to explore some beautiful places in the US & outside. I've learned a lot about traveling and experienced the thrill of shooting weddings in new places I've never been. I've learned how to scout and use my knowledge as a photographer to help make these destination days the absolute best and stress free for you! 

Some locations I have shot (outside of the US): 
Ireland, Akumal Mexico

Some of my dream places:
Iceland, New Zealand, Hawaii, Zion, Big Sur, Cabo, Glacier National Park, Joshua Tree National Park

Bucket List

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My Dream Destinations

My photography is driven by light, real emotion and telling your genuine story. I want you to feel the nostalgia & warmth as you look back on your memories. 

My Philosophy

Behind the Camera

Being in front of the camera isn't always the most natural and comfortable feeling.  I get you 100%. ME TOO. I always hear, "we're awkward", or "my fiance hates photos", or "we need help telling us what to do".  I feel you on this.  That is why I am here.  I'm not going to leave you to "do whatever feels natural".  I will guide you and help you look your absolute best.  As I'm guiding you, I hope you can feel taken care of and relaxed. I'm your guide, your hype girl, your friend, your dress fluffer, your timeline manager, your makeup checker, and everything in-between.  I'm there to make your day be the BEST DAY EVER while capturing the moments so you can relive them for a lifetime.  

My couples are my passion and I am deeply honored each time I get welcomed into your story. 

Destiny photographed our wedding and did an amazing job. She went UP and BEYOND for us. She showed up early and stayed late. We loved that she took into account special pictures we wanted taken and was very calm the whole day. We appreciated her fun loving personality and her drive to get the best pictures for us! We HIGHLY recommend her, you will not be disappointed! 

March 31, 2021

Ethan & Tara


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